We are Nerd with Balls. The name isn’t about whether you have balls or not, but is 100% about a state of mind, and a lifestyle we have proudly adopted. A lifestyle that still sees movies as an art form, worships at the alter of TV, and communes with the gods of comic book history. Sometimes what we have to say will come across as lewd, but that’s only because we come with passion. One thing’s for sure, it’s going to be fun! We are pop culture. We are Nerd with Balls.

About Us


Co-Founder / CEO

Jesse Lozano is a writer, producer, podcaster, and vlogger. He is the co-founder, and CEO of Nerd with Balls, and is the co-host of The Nerd with Balls Podcast.

Lozano is kind hearted, passionate about life and pop culture. His like’s range from movies, conspiracy theories, hypnotherapy, boxing, cooking, comedy, and business. He is considered the most complicated person in the world by those who know him, but is guided by his singular vision for life and Nerd with Balls.

Family is the biggest influence in his life. One of Jesse’s favorite memories growing up was going to the movies on a Sunday with his family, and having a good dinner afterwards. His father took him to see “The Crow” when he was a child, and could arguably be a father’s poor choice of movie for a child which changed Jesse’s life forever. Since that moment, Jesse was consumed with creating a lifestyle brand based on his passion for movies, pop culture and nerd life.

This led him to create Nerd with Balls with his childhood friends. The biggest tool in Jesse’s life is creativity. He believes in influencing yourself, and others by being the best version of yourself. These tools can help anyone can change the world.

You can find Jesse Lozano on –

Twitter: @

Instagram: @Jessethenerd


Co-Founder / COO

Sergio Flores is a writer, producer, social media specialist, vlogger and podcaster. He serves as the co-founder and COO of Nerd with Balls, and is the co-host of The Nerd with Balls Podcast.

Flores enjoys the occasional trap song, but will tune into a Star Wars soundtrack quicker than Qui-Gon Jinn meeting Darth Maul’s light saber. He hates horror films/tv shows, but is a baseball enthusiast, and an Apple product aficionado. Flores is often seen operating the social media for Nerd with Balls, and is also the only Spanish speaking member of the Nerd with Balls family with no rhythm.  

You can find Sergio Flores on –

Twitter: @King_Serge

Instagram: @King_Serge



Alex Brookreson is a lifelong student, teacher and podcaster. He holds three degrees in general studies, culinary arts and business management. He is currently pursuing a career in education. Brookreson also serves as the co-host of The Nerd with Balls Podcast.

Brookreson enjoys multiple aspects of the Nerd life, and pop culture including science fiction TV/movies, comic book cartoon/movies, history, Magic the Gathering and video games. He enjoys watching football and MMA, loves to cook, watch stand-up comedy, and spend time with his friends and family. It’s safe to say he is always down for a good time!

You can find Alex Brookreson on:

Twitter: @Alicksoliver

Instagram: @Alicksoliver

Anthony Madrid

Wild Card

Anthony Madrid is the Nerd with Balls wild card. A corny, and brash sense of humor. When Madrid is not throwing down savage one-liners, he can be found hanging around the Nerd with Balls studios. While there, he stays productive by being a podcast personality, water boy, and working to grow the NWB brand.

Growing up Madrid spent his time watching old reruns of the 1960’s Batman TV show with his old man. As well as Star Trek: The Next Generation, and the Star Wars trilogy. That’s when his nerd flag fully erected! He would also spend every day of his summer vacation at an antique shop in his home town of Glendale, AZ. He would spend countless hours digging through bins of old comics. While there he discovered the wonders of universes such as Marvel, DC and Image. Characters such as Captain America, and Spider-Man would help shape his views of right, wrong, responsibility and duty. Which it shows in his loyalty to his friends. A strong love for pro wrestling, and a passion for anime, it’s safe to say this lost boy will never leave Neverland.

You can find Alex Brookreson on:

Twitter: @Madrid_nwb

Instagram: @Madrid_nwb

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